16 January 2014

Casabloga: Introduction

There is a list I have been wanting to make for a long time, but I didn't know how to do it. It's a list of the greatest movies of all time (in my opinion). I always felt a mere list wouldn't be be enough. So it occurred to me the other day to not just make a list, but to explain why I felt each title deserved to be on the list. It was going to be a Facebook status, but when I decided to expand it, it was going to be a Facebook Note. But then I decided that each title should have it's own entry... I felt this was too big for a mere Note.

Then I remembered this blog. I haven't posted since October, as I hadn't had luck finding things to post about. I didn't want to post the movie posts because up to this point I had only written facts, not opinions. But then I remembered that my very first post in this blog was a review of the Psycho sequels.

Not to mention the subtitle of this blog is, "The Blog About Whatever". Limiting what I can post about isn't posting about "whatever", it's posting about a specific topic. So now I shall use this blog more now that I've freed my mind of that trap. The next posts will be a series I'll call Casabloga, because I like cheesy jokes.

The first review will be Charlie Chaplin's City Lights.


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