05 February 2014

Moving To Another Site

I know this might come out of nowhere, but I've been thinking about this for awhile now. Starting immediately, The Blog has been moved to, and I will be posting on, WordPress. Blogger is very limiting, not only in audience but also in features. There tons I wanted to do that I had to pass on simply because Blogger has too many limitations. WordPress let's me do all of those things, plus so much more, and will allow me to expand this blog of mine further. I have fun doing this, and now with the creation of Casabloga, I'm really doing what I've really always wanted to do. I'll be posting more frequently on WordPress than I do on here. Another reason is because Blogger is essentially the blog equivalent of MySpace and WordPress is Facebook. I imported The Blog to WordPress a couple hours ago and already have two followers, whereas after a year and a half on Blogger I have none. I know people do read this, or at least see it, because as of right now this blog has over 25,000 views.

I don't know if these are fans or if those views are just people skimming through blogs and didn't even notice this one, but I didn't want to just leave this site without some kind of message to any possible fans. So if you are a fan of this blog, come meet me over on WordPress by clicking here. The site looks kind of barren right now, but it's still a work-in-progress. I hope to improve on it as time goes by. As of now, I have no intentions of updating this blog past this post, but I don't want to say never.


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