18 October 2012

Edison Kills An Elephant

We all know Thomas Edison, world renounced for all his inventions, and also for being the reason not many people talk about  Nikola Tesla. The two were constant competitors. Edison wanted the world to use his Direct Current (DC) instead of Tesla's Alternate Current "AC", so to prove to the public how "unsafe" Tesla's idea was, he got an idea. . .

Topsy the Elephant was an elephant who part of the attractions at Coney Island. Because she had killed some people, including her abusive trainer, she was sentenced to death by hanging, because apparently they used to do that. But Edison requested that they use Tesla's AC, while he filmed it.

On 4 January 1903, Topsy was killed using 6,600 volts of AC electricity

Even though it only proved how sick and twisted Edison was, the public wanted nothing more to do with Tesla's AC current, and we've been using the current of a psychopath ever since.

Tesla ended up eating crackers and talking to imaginary birds.

Below is the disturbing video Mr. Psychopath made that day.


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