17 October 2012

The Gerber Baby

Who is the Berber Baby, the world-famous photo of the baby on the label of every Gerber product?

Rumours have flown around that it was the image of actor Humphrey Bogart as a baby. But, according to Snopes, this is false. So what is the true story of the baby seen around the world?

In 1928, Gerber, then a new company who made canned fruits and vegetable, began to produce baby food, and they put out adverts looking for baby images to use on the labels. In Westport, Connecticut, 4 month old Ann Cook was sketched by her neighbour, Dorothy Hope Smith, who was an artist. When Gerber made the announcement about wanting baby images, Smith submitted the sketch, and the company bought it.

The image of Ann Cook began being used on Gerber products in 1928, and became the official company logo in 1931.

Ann Cook has since gone on to earn several degrees in journalism, taught at several schools, and has even written a several mystery novels.

At the time of this writing, Ann cook (A. K. A. "The Gerber Baby") is still alive.


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