16 October 2012

Plane Crash At 40 Wall Street

On 28 July 1945, a B-25 plane was flying through the fog in Manhattan when it crashed into the Empire State Building. Fourteen people were killed, including the three on board the plane.

Nearly a year later, on the evening of 20 May 1946, a C-45 Beechcraft twin-engined plane was heading for Newark Airport on a flight originating at Lake Charles Army Air Field in Louisiana, when it struck the 58th floor of 40 Wall Street, leaving a 20x10 foot hole on the side of the building. All five aboard the plane were killed in the crash, while there were no injuries from any of the over 2,000 workers who were in the building at the time, nor did any of the people on the sidewalk receive any injuries, even though pieces of the plane and building rained down onto the sidewalk below.

It was reported that low fog was the cause of the crash, as the fog ceiling was 500 feet.

In 1995, 40 Wall Street was purchased by Donald Trump and renamed "The Trump Building".


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