12 October 2012

"My name is Amanda Todd..."

On 7 September 2012, 15 year old Amanda Todd posted this video on her YouTube channel:

This teen was harassed and bullied for years because of one stupid mistake. One mistake. It haunted her. She could not escape the torment, the bullying, the verbal, cyber, emotional, and physical abuse of it all. On 10 October  2012, Amanda committed suicide.

Bullying affects the victims even more than the bully can possibly know. Maybe we think that "I hope she kills herself" will be taken as a joke, but here we have a lost teen, and a devastated family. Let's all remember what one comment, one action can do to a person. One bully can tip a person over the edge, just as one friend can pull them back from the cliff. No one deserves this. So why should one person lose all they have because of one mistake? To belittle, judge and torment someone.... one action. One is all it takes.

This is Amanda Todd. This is her story.


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